Ode to a Notebook

Portrait of a cat and a notebook.

Maple photo-bombing the notebook.

I purchased this notebook from a stationary store in Paris three years ago. Since then, it’s traveled with me on vacations, to writing workshops and conferences, and to various mystery writing events.

It’s chock-full of scribbled story ideas, notes and handouts, and business cards from all the wonderful people I’ve met.

This past weekend at the annual Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Colorado Gold Conference, I filled in the last page (luckily not before the last session!).

Now, there were A LOT of pages left when I first showed up at RMFW, a testament to how amazing this conference is, and just how engaging and solid every single sessions was. I took pages and pages of notes on creating 3-dimensional characters, key elements to writing genre fiction, and even how to negotiate a publishing contract.

In a way, this notebook symbolizes my writing journey over the last few years, a physical manifestation of all that I’ve learned. But it also shows how much there still is to learn. Because, as Albert Einstein wisely said, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

I’m on the hunt for a new notebook now, hopefully one that will live up to its predecessor, and that is, of course, just as pretty.

Do you have a notebook or journal that has special meaning to you? Where did you get it? What does it say about you?

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