Oct 21

There and Back Again

I love traveling. Experiencing other cultures, challenging myself to try new things, getting a fresh perspective on the world. And every place I go inspires me in some unforeseen way. John and I recently spent 10 *amazing* days in Japan, starting in Tokyo and then taking the bullet train south to Kyoto. I won’t bore […]

Nov 10

Noveling Music

Something I’ve learned over this past year of writing full time is that atmosphere is so important for my productivity. A tidy desk, not spotless, surrounded by inspiring artwork. Maple, snoozing in my husband’s office chair, keeping me company indirectly. The willpower to stay off of the interwebs. And of course, music. I love music, and […]

Sep 29

The New Book I’m Sneezing About

In Marketing, a ‘sneezer’ is a term for someone who promotes products word-of-mouth, and word-of-mouth marketing is still alive and well in the book world (just ask John Green and his army of Nerdfighters). I’ve been a book sneezer for a long time. In fact, if we’ve had a prolonged conversation about books recently, chances are I’ve […]

Sep 08

Post Writing Conference Buzz

I attended the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Colorado Gold Conference this past weekend and, jeez, my head’s still spinning! The conference was AMAZING, the best one yet, jam packed full of sessions on things like conflict and verbs, critique workshops, and pitching opportunities. But more important than all that were the wonderful people in attendance. […]