Jun 01

May Flowers and June Books

It’s been a rainy spring in Colorado. Between storms, I snuck outside and discovered beautiful flowers blooming in our backyard. What amazed me most was that despite being pummeled by rain, hail, and even snow, they found a way to thrive. I find this to be incredibly inspiring, but maybe I’ve been playing with metaphors […]

Nov 24

Giving Thanks For All Things Bookish

Thanksgiving is so close I can practically smell that juicy turkey roasting in the oven, can envision a glorious tryptophan-induced nap with football on in the background, all while musing over what in my life I’m particularly thankful for. Now, of course, I’m thankful for my amazing husband, family, friends, good health, the freedom to pursue dreams, […]

Oct 20

Half Marathon Epiphanies

I ran the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon yesterday (and live to tell the tale!), and it was an AWESOME race. I’ve been unofficially training for it since early April when I found myself running a lot to help process through my emotions, something exercise has always helped me with. I slowly built a base […]

Aug 25

Second Date Cookies

Back when I was a burgeoning adolescent, my mom used to advise me to make cookies for the boy I liked. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, after all. She’d encourage me to do this every few months, and each time I’d reply vehemently, and probably with an annoying eye roll, […]

Jul 14

What Makes An Artist?

I went to the Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens recently and it was absolutely breathtaking! I loved the way the gorgeous glass pieces melted into the natural surroundings, mimicking stalks of grass, tropical birds, gathering bubbles, or (much to my chagrin) snakes. There seemed to be a symbiotic relationship between the garden and […]