Short Stories

Brave New Girls

BraveNewGirlsThis collection of sci-fi stories features brainy young heroines who use their smarts to save the day.

Girls who fix robots and construct superhero suits, hack interstellar corporations and build virtual reality platforms. Who experiment with alien chemicals and tinker with time machines. Who defy expectations and tap into their know-how—in the depths of space, or the bounds of dystopia, or the not-too-distant future—to solve despicable crimes, talk to extraterrestrials, and take down powerful villains.

All revenues from sales of this anthology will be donated a scholarship fund through the Society of Women Engineers. Let’s show the world that girls, too, can be tomorrow’s inventors, programmers, scientists, and more.

Brave New Girls is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks!

Crossing Colfax

crossingcolfaxPlayboy Magazine once called Colfax Avenue “the longest, wickedest street in America.”

Over one hundred years ago, it was the main road into and out of the city. East Colfax was the address to have for many of the city’s elite, and West Colfax was a trail that led to the mountains and dreams of Gold Rush riches.

We invite you to explore Colfax Avenue – its past, present, or future. Its greatest moments, real or imaginary, and its darkest secrets. Tales of romance, action, fantasy and more – Colfax has seen it all.

My story, Colfax, PI, is about a motetz dam private investigator named Colfax who finds his resolve tested when his assistant asks him to help solve her sister’s murder.

Available at Amazon and B&N.

La Chusa

La Chusa won first place in the Denver Woman’s Press Club’s 2014 Unknown Writers’ Contest.

It’s a haunting story of a math teacher and the not-so temporary student who changes her life.

Please enjoy this sample!

I used to call them Temporaries. The students who would come and go like fireflies dotting the night sky, there one moment and gone the next. Uprooted for their families who migrated to find work or visit relatives. I learned quickly to keep them at a distance, to not get attached, but that changed when Julieta came to my classroom. Now I’m haunted by the sound of beating wings.

You can read the full story here or on Wattpad.