Apr 22

Green Inspiration

In honor of Earth Day, I want to talk about an issue that’s close to my heart: climate change. It’s been unseasonably dry in Colorado this spring. North Denver didn’t get any snow in March, notoriously the snowiest month of the year, and so far this year we’ve set or tied record high temperatures 9 […]

Jan 02

2017 Goals

Looking back, I realized I never posted any 2016 writing goals. Which in a weird way means, YAY, I accomplished everything I set out to do! (Best way to achieve New Year’s Resolutions: don’t make any!). What this really means is that when I evaluated the upcoming year, there was so much I wanted to […]

Dec 12

Best Books of 2016

Is it just me or has this year flown by? Seriously, I feel like I have whiplash. Probably because this year brought a lot of happy changes. I have a literary agent now, my first cozy mystery is officially on submission, and my husband and I are preparing for the arrival of our new family […]

Oct 14

The Art of Waiting

So, it’s been a little while since I blogged last because Things. Are. Happening. I’m expecting a baby in February (squee!), my husband and I decided to finish our basement (to get ready for said baby), and there have been lots of writerly things to take care of *rubs hands together gleefully* I’ve been hard at […]

Jun 27

The Wonders of #PitMad

I’m beyond thrilled to announce: I have a literary agent! For years I’ve been working toward my goal of getting a book published, and this is a MAJOR step in the right direction. It all started on June 9 when I participated in something called #PitMad, which is a fantastic opportunity for writers to pitch […]