Brave New Girls Anthology

BraveNewGirlsExciting news…I found out last week that my short story, titled The Hive, was selected to be a part of the Brave New Girls Anthology!

My short story is a dystopian about a future society where the government maintains power by controlling the honeybee population, and a couple of kick-ass girls who discover the truth. (You can read about my inspiration here).

Check out the AWESOME cover to the anthology, and stay tuned for more information on when it’ll be available!

I’m unbelievably honored to be a part of this collection, the proceeds of which go to a scholarship fund for girls through the Society of Women Engineers. The stories are all YA Sci-Fi featuring female protagonists in STEM-savvy roles, with hopes of encouraging young girls to pursue these fields.

Now, I want to take a minute and talk about why this means so much to me personally.

Growing up, I was extremely fortunate to be surrounded by female role models in math and science. My mom was a geologist and is currently a high school science teacher (teaching 6 subjects, mind you), many of the teachers that impacted me in high school were my physics and math teachers (mostly women), my college advisor (and one of my favorite professors) was a brilliant woman, even when I worked as a statistical analyst my boss was an amazingly strong woman.

But I never realized how truly lucky I was until I went to college. I’ll always remember my engineering/math courses, which usually had around 40-60 students, and how I could count the number of women on one hand.

I am so very thankful for the women in my life who encouraged me, and this seems like a great opportunity to pay it forward.

What I’m reading: Delicious! by Ruth Reichle

What I’m listening to: Singing in the Shower — Veronica Jax